Product Info

Part Number JSS2214
Type Horizontal Type

Product Detail

Operating force 200 ± 150 gf
Operating direction Top push, Side push
Horizontal, Vertical Holizontal
Slider Color black
Operating life 10000
Water Proof
Travel Full 2mm
Operating temperature range -10 ~ 60 °C
Rating DC 15V 0.3A
Dimensions 11.2mm * 5.0mm
Length 4.2mm
Timing Non shorting
Circuit 2C - 2P
Electrical performance Insulation resistance 100
Voltage proof 0
Contact resistance 0
Environmental performance Cold

Package Info

Number of Packages 800
Packing Type Tray
Number of Packages (1c/t) 12800
Package Measurements (mm) 480 * 290 * 370

Product Image